Text neck – Body postures that cause neck lines.

What causes neck lines? Is it because of looking down on the phone? Definitely. But that is not the only cause. Wrinkles are cause naturally due to the stretching of the skin. But some activities we do in our day to to lives, cause more damage than others. So what are these few activities that we should be aware of that cause neck lines to appear faster. But once we learn what these are, we can use them to our advantage and prevent the appearance of neck lines. 

Watch this quick 10 second video to know THE 3 BODY POSTURES that we do EVERYDAY that are causing our neck lines. 

  1. Looking down on your phone.
    This is obviously the the common reason that we are aware of. The constant action of looking down on the phone or any device will eventually start leaving little stretch marks on the delicate skin of your neck and with time, these lines get deeper if not treated properly at the right time. To learn more about text neck (also referred to as tech neck) click here.
  2. Weird sleeping positions:
    Its not uncommon to see many people sleeping with more than one pillow.  It could be as simple as looking up to the T.V on the wall while laying on the bed that could result in neck lines over time.
    Some thing to keep in mind – Sleeping on the back is always advised for various health benefits – preventing neck lines being one of them.
  3. Not standing of sitting straight:
    Keeping your head held high is not just a symbol of confidence but it also good for avoiding neck lines. Our neck is the happiest when we are laying down, and it is the second happiest when we hold it up straight. Holding something like our heads on an angle would be quite a strain for our neck muscles as well as the neck skin.

Let us know what you think about these different body postures? Are you guilty for causing your own neck lines? Leave a comment.

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1 thought on “Text neck – Body postures that cause neck lines.”

  1. Hi, Lixa skin, what a useful post! recently I have realized I got necklines as well, which I was attributing to aging although I am just 27 years old. Looking at this post more than worried or mortified by my new lines I felt it as a reminder of my posture and my well-being in general, mostly because it makes me awake from the “external guilt” motive and returns me the power of having the control to changes habits for good. For instance, the “Not standing or sitting straight” reason is the one that I recognized the most mainly because cold weather makes me hunch all the time, forgetting that this is bad not just for my neckline but also bad for my back and somehow bad for my self-esteem (I know this is a topic for another post). Your post makes me acknowledge my posture, but also makes me wonder about solutions or prevention treatments, Like creams treatments, botox, or even facial yoga… mainly the last one is really interesting for me because is a trend and I have seen many good changes with this technique. I hope to find more of these tips here and tell more people about them,

    Thanks for sharing

    Estefanía 🙂

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