Tech Neck Lines – Is this the new Norm?

With the advancement in technology and its close integration with our day-to-day lives, every day we are faced with new problems and challenges. One of these is the horizontal lines that appear on our neck due to continuously looking down on our phones. This is commonly referred to as necklines or ‘Tech Neck’ or Text neck. 

Looking down on screens is one of the reasons for these lines but these are not the only causes of neck lines. In this blog we will try to understand what tech neck lines are, how common they are and if these lines are something we should be concerned about.

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“Tech neck is a cosmetic condition caused by prolonged periods of screen time, leaving deep neck wrinkles. Other factors such as loss of collagen, aging skin, poor skin hydration, and bad posture are all contributors to those pesky tech neck lines.” (3lab, 2023)

How common is tech neck?

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It’s estimated that 1 of 10 people is suffering from tech neck at any given time. (Physiopedia, 2022). And this number is only growing with each day as more and more people now spend majority of their time surfing through the phone (while looking down at it) and not taking proper measures to prevent it. 
The age at which appearance of neck lines occur, varies from person to person. But they have now become more common than ever in history. The appearance of neck lines can start as early as teenage and it only gets worse, if not treated properly.

Is tech neck something to be concerned about?

The formation of lines and wrinkles are a natural form of aging. Just like the skin on any other part of the body, which starts aging with the passage of time, the skin around the neck starts to age and eventually forms wrinkles.
  Tech neck lines do not cause any physical problem to our bodies other than making the skin look shaggy and wrinkly, but looking down on our phones for long durations can cause serious strain to the muscles around the neck and cause neck pain and other chronic problems in the long run.

Just because neck lines are a natural way of life, doesn’t mean we can’t take steps to prevent them or heal them. With the advancement in technology, we now have the option to choose if we want to keep our neck lines or decide to get rid of them. Anti-aging neck creams are one of the best ways to prevent and cure neck lines. If we want to take things one step further, in-office treatments like surgery or Botox are also options to consider.

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Share your thoughts and ideas with us on Tech neck. Do you think it should be considered normal? Or should we be actively taking steps to get rid of them? Leave a comment and let us know.

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