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Know the reality of your skin!

At any given moment, our skin goes though a lot of changes. Most of the activity happens inside the top layer of the skin, so it is really hard to know what truly is going on. All the pimples, acne, redness or any other form of skin irritation that we can physically see on our skin, is just the tip of the iceberg. This raises the question – what really happens inside the top layer of the skin? Is it possible to detect these skin conditions before they show on the skin? And if we know that a pimple is going to pop up in a week from today – can we take the right measures today to avoid that from happening? 

With the advancement of technology, we now have access to many apps and software tools which allow us to scan the face and give us an idea about what is happening underneath the skin. 

In the blog we will be talking about one such app – The Clinique Clinical Reality!

Clinique clinical reality

This app uses technology to scan your selfie and gives back skin’s critical data. The results are backed by database of more than 50 years of diagnostics and creates a custom fit skincare plan for each individual. 

You can scan the QR code to go to the website (Tip:  it is easier to scan the code with your phone and this also makes it easier to take the selfie) 

Or you can click here to be directed to the Clinique Care Diagnostic Tool. 

Once you are in you can choose the know more about your skin or the find the right shades of makeup. 
To know more about the skin condition, click on the Skincare and follow the instructions to take the selfie. 

Clinique care diagnostic QR code

Once the results are back, the app gives you a a detailed analysis of the following:
– Pores and uneven texture
– Fatigue 
– Dehydration 
– Lines & Wrinkles 
– Uneven skin & Dark spots 
– Acne 
– Sagging & Loss of volume. 

Then the app asks you a few questions regarding the skin type and your preferences for skincare before providing you with a whole customized skincare routine – personal to you! 

The app also offers another fun feature – It lets you see how your skin can look in 12 weeks after the product use.

Curious to know what’s happening under your skin? Head over to the Clinique Clinical Reality tool today!

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